Friday, February 7, 2020

Trump Just Sanctioned New Yorkers

President Trump is unhappy with New York's ‘Green Light Law’ which offers state driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants and also prevents the TSA from accessing Department of Motor Vehicles records.

So what is Trump doing?

He is punishing New York residents who are travelers and who may, btw, not have anything to do with the law.

It is the same method Trump is using on a grander scale against the Iranian people. He doesn't like what the Iranian government is doing so he sanctions the flow of goods in and out of Iran, which hurts the citizens. He is also doing it on a lesser scale to Russia and now he is adopting the vicious method against Americans.

What a prick.

Specifically, the Trump administration is blocking time-saving international travel programs for New Yorkers.

State residents are barred from enrolling or renewing credentials for the Trusted Traveler system, and also the Global Entry and other programs for entering from Canada and Mexico.

I am no fan of the programs but it is remarkable that a president would issue an order that will make life more difficult for a class of citizens in a state that for the most part have nothing to do with Trump's issue with the state.

According to Bloomberg, Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, told reporters on a call Thursday that the ban would apply to other states considering similar legislation. The department also is reviewing other restrictions to place on New York because of its law.



  1. I agree, he is a prick. But he's not smart enough to come with stuff like this on his own.

  2. The complaints from New Yorkers are a good reminder of how statists suffer from the so-called Stockholm Syndrome. The state first forcibly requires people to have and show papers to travel over artificially imposed borders. Over time, this becomes accepted as just the natural state of things. Then the state deigns to allow certain folks to be expedited through this process, and statists give thanks to their beneficient overlords for this concession, all the while forgetting that such a concession would be unnecessary if the first evil had not been visited upon them. Now New Yorkers are complaining that some of them won't be able to be expedited through border processing.

    But not a word of objection to having to show papers in the first place.

  3. Well hey, I"m sure all those sorry turd world trash libertardians love will be voting libertardian right?

    Why won't some of you libertardians move to Mexico or some African country?

  4. The TSA 'papers please' system with all its submission rituals and the special dispensations to get around it along with Real ID have been pushed by the previous two administrations. Any approved person as president would be doing as Trump just did or worse. The only way Trump could have surprised us is to ignore how NY undermined the process and thus having it spread to other states.

    What made life difficult for ordinary citizens was the imposition of these papers please programs in the first place. The special dispensations to get around them are just privileges the government gives to those who show sufficient obedience and loyalty and apply for them.

    Better than everyone have to go through the full slow process every time and clog the wheels so business gets hurt, so that the ownership class suffers economically as people can't effectively get work done. These special dispensations are created because the ownership class is finding that employees are losing too much time dealing with the system. Productivity is lost.

    It's these patches and people's willingness to bend knee to take advantage of them that perpetuates them. The less effective these streamlining programs are the better. More of a chance these things go away by clogging the wheels with people obeying every edict and doing everything by the book.