Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This is Very Shady: Is the CDC Playing Anti-Trump Politics and Using the Wuhan Coronavirus?

Just seconds after President Trump concluded his press conference to calm the nation about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), a story was published by The Washington Post from an unidentified source at the CDC that a person in Northern California was confirmed to have the virus via an unknown means of transmission.

I mean take a look at this follow-up report from The Post (my bold):
Moments after President Trump announced that Vice President Pence will take over the White House’s coronavirus task force, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a northern California person has contracted the coronavirus without traveling outside the United States or coming in contact with another patient known to have the infection — the first sign that the disease may be spreading within a local community.
The president [at the press conference] said the risk to Americans is “very low” and that people are being screened coming into the country from infected areas.
How shady can you get?

The Center for Disease Control confirmed the case after it was originally reported by the Bezos rag.

But there was a good reason that the CDC did not publicly make an announcement about this case yet. It was still developing information. Most specifically, a person does not magically acquire the virus, there had to be a means of transmission and the CDC was likely attempting to determine that along with other facts.

The San Francisco Chronicle, for example, notes (my bold):
CDC spokesman Scott Pauley said the patient was identified “through the public health system,” but he could not say why the person was tested for coronavirus if he or she did not have recent travel in China or a known exposure to an individual with the virus.
It’s possible that the source of the infection will be determined with further interviews with the patient, the CDC said. 
In other words, the CDC was still investigating the case and it is irresponsible for a CDC leaker to provide the information in a manner that suggests an out of control virus.

Indeed, buried deep in The Post story was a clue that the person infected did not develop it mysteriously:
The individual is a resident of Solano County, according to the California Department of Public Health. The patient is being treated at UC Davis Medical Center, according to a person familiar with the case who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the details are not public.
Solano County is home to Travis Air Force Base, where hundreds of Americans repatriated from China, and others brought home from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship have been kept in quarantine. Many of them have been released.
There are a lot of people at the CDC that are part of "the resistance" and they appear to be even more active than the virus.

I hasten to add that the potential for the virus to get out of control still exists, but the panic coming out of the bowels of the CDC is outrageous. They are using the virus in an attempt to sow panic about  the virus and the ability of the president to handle the situation.


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