Monday, February 10, 2020

The Washington Post Gets It: All the Democratic Presidential Candidiates Are Lefties

The Washington Post gets it.

From a Post editorial:
IT HAS become an unchecked assumption about the Democratic presidential race: The candidates are fighting an ideological war between “left” and “center.” This narrative is false, and it is hardly benign. It minimizes the bold policy ambitions of those in the mislabeled “centrist” lane and falsely characterizes those on the left flank as braver or more committed to reform.

Yes, some candidates in the race are to the left of others. Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) not only want to make sure that all Americans have access to health care, as do all the Democrats, but they want maximum government control in achieving that goal. Their proposals would cost more and would require more regulation than other candidates’ plans...

But the fact that Mr. Sanders’s and Ms. Warren’s positioning puts them decidedly to the left of others in the race does not make their competitors “centrist.” All, in fact, have put forward ambitious, progressive platforms for reducing inequality and promoting access to health and education...

 [E]very major Democratic candidate is running on an agenda to the left of Mr. Obama’s.

Campaigning in Iowa, Mr. Buttigieg expressed sympathy for Mr. Sanders’s “goals.” But, he added, Mr. Sanders “makes it feel like you're either for a revolution or you’ve got to be for the status quo, and there’s nothing in between.” The Democratic race does not present such a choice, and observers should stop advancing the myth that it does.
Of course, on the Republican side, we have the erratic interventionist. Combover man is running massive deficits, can't seem to get us out of any wars and is a nationalist in the worse sense of the word.

There is little to nothing libertarian, about anyone who has a chance of winning the November election, that is about shrinking government.

Different candidates have different big government projects but they all have big government projects.



  1. When you walk a dog all insects trying to jump on it are fleas. For the same reason everybody interested in getting the post of Bully In Chief is a blood sucking parasite, er, statist.

  2. I could make a comment if you (or anyone) could define "Lefties"; starting with far left, left, center, right, far right.

    I want examples.

    No one will do it because it can't be done.