Sunday, February 16, 2020

Socialist San Francisco District Attorney's First Super Nutty Plan

San Francisco Car Break-Ins Map (last 30 days)

Via San Francisco Chronicle
Auto break-ins are at epidemic proportions in San Francisco.

How bad are things?

In certain parts of the foggy city, you actually see more glass on the streets from broken windows then you see homeless on the streets.

But the socialist San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who has been in office less than 60 days, has a plan.

He wants money from the mayor’s office (that is taxpayer money) to fund a proposed auto burglary assistance fund. He probably doesn't realize how appropriate the name "auto burglary assistance fund" really is.

He explains his desire for the taxpayer money this way.
Auto burglaries are the No. 1 way people in San Francisco are directly impacted by crime. While we know there’s more work to do, this is something we can do today to step up and support victims.
Using taxpayer money, he wants to pay victims of car break-in related broken windows.

“We would love to make it a program for everybody if the city is willing to fund it,” Boudin said. “But given the nature of the mayor’s budget guidance that’s asking agencies to decrease their budgets, we wanted to initiate a pilot program to serve [just] San Francisco residents.”

I mean, how fogged brained can you get?

With the city paying for broken windows, why should a resident really care where he parks, especially when in a hurry?

Park your car at a hidden corner where a break-in would be hard to observe, who cares! The city will pay for the window if it is broken. It is really difficult to think how this will not increase broken windows, as cars are left in more spots where break-ins are hard to spot and as burglars check to make sure nothing is in a car. (Broken windows in SF where there is nothing to steal inside the car is common--you have to check under the seats, you know). It is an "auto burglary assistance fund"!

It will assist in more break-ins. But the touchy-feely Boudin is not thinking about that. He has a different focus.

“I want to show leadership around victims’ rights,” he said. “I want the city to put its money where its mouth is. I hope the city would be willing to help me, support victims.”

I remind you, Boudin was elected District Attorney. His job is to put criminals in jail, not spend his time using taxpayer money to pretend he cares.

There is too much crime-fighting that needs to be done in the city for him to even be thinking about spending taxpayer money on victims' "rights" projects that have nothing to do with criminal prosecution.

Right now, the police department only makes arrests in around 1.6% of auto break-ins. It strikes me that there might be the potential for a little improvement in this number.

I mean, there are break-ins throughout the city but the damn map above even highlights where the big problem spots are (See the dark green spots). What about Boudin getting together with coppers to put unmarked cars in high break-in areas? I have passed by some of these areas, it is car after car being broken into day after day. It would not be difficult to stop.

It boggles the mind that he isn't doing this.

He appears to be a typical socialist, he can't think even two steps deep.

Let's just hug everybody and take from the taxpayers.



  1. We can still shoot these people here in Texas. That's what really needs to be done. Armed citizenry and a police/court system that backs them up when their private property is needlessly vandalized. But CA is so far pozzed most of the dope population will simply put up with it.

  2. Reminds me of the old adage" "Never lock a convertible".