Saturday, February 8, 2020

Snoop is Not Into The #MeTo Movement for the Black Community

Oh boy, on the heels of the death of Kobe Bryant, Oprah's, ahem, friend Gayle King interviewed former WNBA superstar and Olympic champion Lisa Leslie who was close to Kobe.

King brought up the rape charge made against Kobe and asked a bunch of #MeTo style questions about the allegation made against Kobe.

Snoop is apparently not a #MeTo kind of guy, at least for the black community.

The girls are not handling Snoop's call out very well:
Oprah was trying to spin the interview, but Snoop and his boys aren't into spin. They no what was going down.


Apparently, no Frankfurt School, No Critical Theory, No PostModernism for Snoop.



  1. The best and most civil response to King’s question came from Lisa Leslie: the media should be more respectful.... the media had many intervening years to question Kolbe.

  2. PoundMeToo (as coined by the now deplatformed Chateu Heartiste) was originally invented to nail (heh) Trump and powerful supporters. Once that failed and started to eat Democrats, it went to the back burner. But it still rears its ugly head from time to time.

  3. This is why most American blacks are such worthless human beings. It's all about 'no snitching to the da man' and other stupidity. It's pretty clear the accusers accusations were credible. But hey, I'm a da rasis, right?