Thursday, February 20, 2020

Smashing Mini-Mike in Vegas

Wednesday night, the Democratic presidential candidates took their traveling show to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel for the latest debate.

In terms of entertainment value, it was better than a Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio. But there was little in terms of substance. It was all about candidates sparring over details of various interventionist programs. Perhaps it became most absurd when the six statists debated the so-called differences between socialism, communism and capitalism--as if they knew.

At that point, it would have made more sense for NBC to bring six Jews on stage to the debate the merits of the Catholic church going back to all Latin masses.

But the real action was the first half attacks on Mike Bloomberg.

Crazy Lady Warren really lit into him. It probably damaged him, but it was just fun to see the sugary drink Nazi squirm. Of course, the issue, itself, was about nutty social justice warrior drama because Bloomberg apparently tells very crude jokes and has had to settle with women for telling the jokes in front of them.

Hey ladies, if you don't like the environment leave.

But in this age of metooism, Warren probably resonated with many.  Joe Biden also piled on.

Mini-Mike, despite all his paid until November advisers, wasn't ready.


And speaking of Sleepy Joe, it appeared that the doctors got his pre-debate testosterone shot dosage just about right this time. His performance probably helped him.

As I have explained before when Tulsi took Kamala Harris out of the race with her attack on Harris during a debate, taking someone out solidifies your base but doesn't get you more support. So I don't think Warren gained much from her attack on Bloomberg. The same with Pete Buttigieg's attack on Amy Klobuchar, which wasn't nearly as effective. As one friend remarked to me, "Buttigieg just looked like a prick with the attack."

The only time an attack works to boost a candidate is when there are only two people on stage and then the attacker wins by taking the other down a notch.

And so my Vegas card reads this way.

No knockouts but Mike Bloomberg was hurt. (He may have to spend even more millions on ads).

Joe Biden will probably get a little boost in the polls.

Warren, Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders probably held their positions.(Bernie was his usual finger in the air self.)

And Buttigieg probably lost at the margin.



  1. It's the only debate this election season that I watched from beginning to end. There were many fun, entertaining moments, that's for sure.
    I liked how Mini-Mike was asked, point-blank, whether it's okay for him to be a billionaire, and after a short pause, he just responded with a short and poignant "Yes! I worked hard for my money!" [or to that effect].
    And loved it when Mini-Mike accused others of being communist, and you heard the sharp gasps from the audience as well as those on stage it was directed to (Sanders and Warren)...and seconds later, Sanders calling it a cheap shot...

  2. I liked how Amy & Pete took it to Bernie and Liz about Medicare for All and how they are slippery like fishes about the cost. That was great

  3. Brion McClanahan has the best summary -- a must watch: