Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Say Bye to Media Coverage If Pelosi Succeeds in Censoring a Video?

Micah A. emails:
Interested in your comments on this: 
Newsweek: Say Bye to Media Coverage If Pelosi Succeeds in Censoring Our Video.
RW response:

Benny Johnson writes in his Newsweek op-ed:
This video was created by my production team at Turning Point USA in response to Pelosi tearing up President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech. The video was produced by interposing quotable lines from the president's speech with footage of Pelosi tearing up the speech.

That's it.

Real clips of real things that happened. The video included no deep fake technology, no motion graphics, no footage or audio from other events.

Yet, Pelosi has demanded that this factual video be removed from the internet after President Trump retweeted it. She dispatched members of her caucus to call the video "doctored," "misinformation" and "selectively edited." The compliant establishment media have taken Pelosi's talking points and repeated them in headlines.
Well, the video is misleading and dishonest.

It is not only taking things out of context, it is slicing and dicing the video and remixing the context. It is doctored and misinformation.

That said, I am against censorship so I do not consider Pelosi's attempt at using government to shut down the video as sound either. Censorship is a very dangerous. Government is always trying to expand its power and this video gives Pelosi an opportunity to attempt to expand power in the direction of video censorship.

I hasten to add that if this wasn't taken at a public event, the President's State of the Union, I would point to the owner of the video as having final determination as to what manner the video could be used.

I should point out that positively mad stories, having nothing to do with reality, didn't start with the internet. Consider the National Enquirer back in the old days.

After a while, you learn who is providing sound news and who is not. After all, dear readers you have found yourself to this site.


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