Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rand Paul Calls Out 'Antifa Crazies'

Rand Paul in San Francisco
The San Francisco Republican Party held "An Evening with Rand Paul" dinner Monday night.

I was invited as a guest of the San Francisco Republican chairman John Dennis.

Rand let it rip.

He told the dinner attendees that he flew to San Francisco with his wife Kelley from Denver. He said there was a passenger mumbling at him during the flight and when they got off the flight the passenger approached him and said, "I wish you were assaulted again."

Rand said these kinds of comments are not unusual on the west and east coasts. And he stated it is always lefties making these kinds of comments and getting violent, not conservatives. He warned specifically about "Antifa crazies."

He then went on to talk about socialists who he said "are brazen."

He pointed out there is good news and bad news about students who are socialists. He said the bad news is that almost 50% of students say they are socialists. The good news, he said, was that "they don't know what socialism is."

He said students are in favor of what they have been taught in school. That they want equality but have no idea what a society based on equality of outcome would look like and how it is an impossibility anyway.

Rand talked about President Trump and said that recently on the Fox show "Watters World," his father gave Trump a grade of C- but also gave him a grade of B+ for effort.

Rand said his father is a tough grader and that he, himself, gives Trump better grades but did not tell the audience what they were.

Rand said one of Trump's most important accomplishments was getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. He said he has always thought of Clarence Thomas as the best Supreme Court justice but he thinks that Gorsuch might prove to even be better.


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