Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Pete Buttigieg "Randomly" Wins Coin Toss in Iowa

‘Buttigieg will get 3 delegates’

For real.

In one Iowa precinct last night, because of a tie, the winner of 3 votes was determined by a "random" coin toss:




  1. I wonder if that was one of those magical coins that defies the Laws of Probability- like the ones in 2016 that all went in favor of Hillary over Sanders in recount coin flips

  2. If the rigging of a coin flip surprises you, then you'd better not have a look at the Gems central vote tabulator source code that fractionalizes votes to get a desired result. That would set you over the edge.

  3. Dweeb can't even flip a coin properly. Can't government schools teach anything useful??