Thursday, February 20, 2020

More On Michael Milken's Pardon

Michael Milken
As a follow-up to my post, Michael Milken Still Doesn't Get It, I received a couple of emails where I am going to summarize the relevant comments rather publishing the full emails and going into personal situations.

The comments go like this:
There are many good reasons to have that disability removed.

You get your Second Amendment rights restored.

There are many careers that you can't do because you need to be
licensed.  I'd imagine that getting a pardon would allow you to get the
state approved paper allowing you to pursue your career interest.  (You
can argue against state licensing all you like, but licensing is a
reality of life).

Great Britain, Japan, and Australia won't let you into their countries
if you are a felon.  (Martha Stewart was not allowed into Great Britain
because she is a felon).  So I'd imagine that travel opportunities would
open up.

So yeah, I am all for Milken getting pardoned.  Maybe there are things
he wants to do that, to date, he's been unable to do because of the
legal disability.  Good for Michael Milken!
First, my post was directed at the Milken pardon rather than pardons in general.

If someone wants to enter a career where a license is required, that is an entirely different story. It is not seeking a pardon to just get one's "name cleared" by a bunch of political criminals.

But as I pointed out in the original post, Milken does not appear to need a commercial license of any kind for any reason at his age. It appears he has quite successfully worked around the securities restrictions that the government placed on him.

As far as Milken wanting a gun to, say, go deer hunting in the Green Mountains of Vermont, that's about as likely as Murray Rothbard desperately wanting to go big game hunting on the Caprivi Strip in Namibia.

As far as wanting a gun for protection, you really have to know how the super-wealthy like Milken live. I guarantee you he is sufficiently protected. One of Milken's lieutenants told me about the protections he had in place, never mind Milken. These guys protect themselves in ways that are difficult to imagine. A felony conviction is not going to stop that.

They think of everything and have the money to pull it off. In fact, I know one serious player who has a well-decorated conference room/bunker to discuss serious deals. It protects against outside recording devices capturing conversations and there is equipment in the bunker that would detect if someone entering the room was wearing a device.

It's a different world for the major players.

As for the limitations on travel to some countries, I would rather live with that then sell my soul to get a pardon and sanction the government--if the pardon didn't help me in a very big way.


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