Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Judge Will Sentence Roger Stone on Thursday, But will Delay Imposing Sentence Pending Bid for New Trial

Roger Stone
The lefty judge presiding over the Roger Stone case, Amy Berman Jackson, who was appointed by Barack Obama, really wants to sentence him badly.

She said this morning that she will still sentence Stone on Thursday — but will delay imposing the terms of punishment pending resolution of his request for a new trial.

Stone’s lawyers last week filed a motion seeking a new trial on the heels of disclosures that the jury forewoman in Stone’s trial had a history of anti-Trump social media posts.

Jackson noted during the conference call, “We’ve already put the sentencing off once.”

She said it made sense to proceed with the sentencing “since there is no harm that would flow to the defendant.”

“I’m willing to make sure that there are no consequences that flow from the announcement of what the sentence would be at the sentencing hearing,” Jackson said.


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