Saturday, February 15, 2020

Judge Napolitano: Juror in Roger Stone Case Could End Up Serving Time

President Trump's method of governing that includes running twitter commentary on his perspective, that turns everything into chaos, might turn out to benefit Roger Stone.

By Trump tweeting that prosecutors had recommended an outrageous sentence for Roger of 7 to 9 years, it triggered one, Tomeka Hart. She outed herself as a juror in the Stone case in a Facebook post where she supported the prosecutors in the case and their sentencing recommendation.  I “can’t keep quiet any longer,” she wrote.

Dumb move, she let Trump get to her.

The internet went to work (with Mike Cernovich in the lead) after she outed herself. They dug into her tweets, Facebook comments, etc.

It turns out that she is a major league Trump-hater who probably lied on the juror questionnaire in Roger's case, and was also the foreman of the jury.

Reports indicate that Roger has filed a sealed document requesting a new trial.

Here is the take from Judge Napolitano:




  1. Leftist are not known for being smart. I hope Roger Stone gets acquitted and makes lots of money from speaking about it. He is certainly a national treasure in his own way.

  2. And thus we have another example of why good people will not generally get involved in politics and why the worst will rise to the top.

    This is not an argument that Roger Stone is a good person but rather that anyone in the game could face a situation such as this, especially a person who upset the same forces he did.