Saturday, February 15, 2020

It Appears That Part of 'Matrix 4' is Going to Be Based on a Very Authentic San Francisco: Homeless Looking Extras Needed

From The San Francisco Chronicle:
San Francisco has been on Keanu Watch ever since rumors first surfaced that actor Keanu Reeves would be in town to shoot "Project Ice Cream," a code name that has officially melted away to reveal itself as the next Matrix movie. Naturally the movie needs extras, but if you want to step up for the job, you'll need stamina. And also a very insensitive wardrobe.

Dwyer Casting posted a listing in late January announcing a call for extras, and last night in an email obtained by SFGATE, the group detailed exactly who they're looking for. The call for the roles of "additional runners" requires availability all afternoon and night from today through Sunday. But be warned, extras will be "RUNNING the same blocks and hills over and over again WITHOUT looking Tired [sic]!".

Running all night is a tough ask, especially for a non-union pay rate of $124.72 for an eight hour shift (exactly SF minimum wage), but the more problematic aspect is the costuming. Extras are instructed to come dressed as "homeless types, people in PJ's, pedestrians, business types, or fitness/gym types

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  1. How to side step any accusations that your hiring practices discriminate against fatties.