Thursday, February 13, 2020

Is Michael Bloomberg a Racist?

No, he is worse.

The tag  #BloombergIsRacist has been trending on Twitter as a result of an audio clip where Michael Bloomberg says you stop crime by throwing minorities against the wall and frisking them.


Bloomberg is correct when he says much violent crime is done in New York City by blacks and Latinos. He is stating a fact here so it doesn't make him a racist.

But he is an aggressive statist who thinks only about advancing statist solutions to situations that have been caused in the first place by earlier statist measures.

If Bloomberg wasn't such a creepy knee-jerk statist and actually thought for a moment, he would realize that the high crime rate among low-skilled blacks and Latinos is because of high minimum wage rates that prevent them from getting that all-important low-paying first job, because of drug laws which turn drug merchants and buyers into lawbreakers and because the crony public education system has no incentive to actually teach kids civility and basics that will help kids get their first jobs.

It is the statist mentality of Bloomberg that results in his failure to understand the long-term steps of feeing society that are needed to solve the high crime problem.

He is, in short, a bully, a thug, and it should scare everyone that this sugary drink Nazi is climbing in the polls.

He has only one solution for any problem: Bully the populous with force and ignore freedom solutions.


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  1. Unfortunately all of the presidential candidates, for that matter all politicians are to one degree or another Bullies.