Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Trump is Sticking It to San Francisco Residents

A frequent flyer friend recently applied for Global Entry, a federal program that speeds “trusted travelers” through U.S. immigration and airport security checkpoints.

She received a preliminary clearance which requites in the next step an in-person interview.

She went to the Global Entry website to book her appointment for the in-person interview.

There are no appointments spots still left in 2020 and far into 2021.

What gives?

The story in 2019 was that Trump has moved agents out of San Francisco to the Mexican border.

Got that sanctuary city San Francisco?

This is on top of Trump completely shutting down the program in New York.

The US Customs and Border Protection issued a press release stating:

Effective immediately, residents of the State of New York will no longer be eligible to apply for or renew membership in U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Programs due to state legislation that restricts CBP’s access to certain criminal history information maintained by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles...

New York residents will no longer be eligible to apply for or renew membership in CBP Trusted Traveler Programs and CBP will cancel all pending Trusted Traveler Program applications submitted by residents of New York. Refunds will be processed automatically.

New York residents who are currently enrolled in Trusted Travel Programs will retain their benefits until their memberships expire.
As I pointed out earlier this is a form of sanctions:
 President Trump is unhappy with New York's ‘Green Light Law’ which offers state driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants and also prevents the TSA from accessing Department of Motor Vehicles records.
So what is Trump doing?
He is punishing New York residents who are travelers and who may, btw, not have anything to do with the law.
It is the same method Trump is using on a grander scale against the Iranian people. He doesn't like what the Iranian government is doing so he sanctions the flow of goods in and out of Iran, which hurts the citizens. He is also doing it on a lesser scale to Russia and now he is adopting the vicious method against Americans.


  1. Boo fucking Hoo What if your neighborhood was infected by these policies of sanctuary cities

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