Friday, February 21, 2020

How Insane Are Things in the People's Republic of San Francisco?: The San Francisco Chronicle is Now Banning Some Speech

 Aubrey Huff
San Francisco-based Ryan Moore wrote an op-ed for The San Francisco Chronicle decrying the fact that former San Francisco Giant and World Series champion Aubrey Huff was denied, by a unanimous vote of the Giants board, an invitation to the team’s 2010 reunion because, according to Huff, they don’t approve of some of his tweets and of Huff’s support of President Donald Trump.

Moore writes:
[A]fter being online for a little under five hours, my article—which was both popular and controversial—was taken down. I was not given any explanation until the following day, and  there was no explanation offered on the Chronicle’s website. Instead, the link triggered a “page not found” error.
Moore wrote in his op-ed:
 Baseball is as American as apple pie and as American as … well, baseball (or it used to be). Baseball is for all Americans—not just for Democrats. The SF Giants board should keep their personal politics out of baseball, and need to realize that not all of the Giants fans are liberal, not all of their fans are fans of political correctness, not all of their fans believe that normal, common masculinity is toxic...

I would argue that it’s this type of progressivism that is in fact toxic. Does Aubrey Huff say and tweet some things that I would never personally say or tweet? Sure he does. But for God’s sake, he’s a professional athlete...

Moreover, Huff stated that his tweets are meant to be satirical and sarcastic, and that he effectively used this exact same humor in the Giants clubhouse to loosen up the team during their 2010 World Series run.

Instead of supporting free speech, progressives label all opinions that differ from their own as hate speech. We all should stand up for free speech and opinions we disagree with. We need to make jokes and flirting acceptable again, and we need to keep baseball and men’s sports masculine.
Moore's full report on what went down at the Chronicle and the op-ed that was banned are now up at Human Events.



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    1. Except the full story did get published. MSM is often censorious but they are going out of business. The self evident truth is there are so many outlets today that stories that people want to read do get published.

  2. Aubrey Huff ✔ @aubrey_huff

    Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020. In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must. By the way most the head shots were theirs. @NRA @WatchChad #2ndAmendment

  3. People who are forced to stop expressing their feelings with words will eventually express their feelings with bullets. American socialists are positively suicidal (and totally ignorant regarding history of their own creed).