Tuesday, February 4, 2020

How the Bernie Sanders Campaign Tries To Downplay To Voters That He’s Socialist

An alleged campaign script that Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) campaign is deployed in Iowa seeks to downplay voters’ concern over the fact that Sanders is a socialist by suggesting to voters that they really don’t know what “socialism” means, reports Ryan Saavedra.

Remember for lefties, it is "by any means necessary" to gain power, lies and distortions are not a problem for them.

The alleged call/canvass script posted in the Sanders campaign office reads:
CONCERN: “Bernie is a socialist, and that’s scary to me.”
AFFIRM: “I get that! Labels can be intimidating, [especially] those unfamiliar to us.”
ANSWER: “The truth is, what Bernie stands for is social equality. He wants to ensure equal opportunity for all, not just those on the top. That means a healthcare system, school system, and a [government] that’s reliable, accessible, and effective. That’s what he means by ‘socialism.'”
REDIRECT: “In what ways is your life impacted by the current system/government?”
This script is actually pretty straight forward but it goes nowhere near informing as to how much of a socialist Bernie is.

 Peter Hamby, a Vanity Fair contributor posted a picture of the script, which he said was located in one of Sanders’ Des Moines offices.


  1. Socialists and communists can only win by lying through their teeth.

    1. Last I checked, they can win only by the application of violence.

  2. I guess "workers of the world, unite!" is too hackneyed?
    Well, there's still "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state," up for grabs, and out of circulation these days.

  3. This whole thing is a definitional issue that is confused by the TPTB on purpose. To be fair, Bernie isn't advocating state ownership of the means of production (the old doctrinaire, Mises style definition of socialism). Maybe over the provision of healthcare services, but it is not clear that constitutes "production." Funny enough, Bernie is the one who has personally misapplied the socialist label his entire political career and is now being hurt a bit by it. Using the word "democratic" to modify socialism on his part only clouds the issue further. Thus the need for the script. It is true that his policies are "socialistic", perhaps more extremely so than others or in different ways (Repubs & Dems alike). Socialistic in the sense that the policies mainly consist of promising that government will provide citizens with "free" stuff" (the new and/or prevailing definition of socialism).

    Ultimately, he represents a further expansion of the US-style fascism that Flynn described in the 1940s as a "diseased offshoot of socialism." Essentially, a "mixed" economic system that maintains the forms and advantages of private property and capitalism system with heavy government regulation, intervention and sometimes implicit control to varying degrees. This system creates, particularly for a select and connected few individuals and companies, extreme private profits with "socialized" losses (think bailouts), while the government funds an extensive welfare/warfare state primarily through the piling on of upayable debt.

    It's more accurate when Bernie describes himself as a "New Deal" Democrat. Same thing for AOC and the "Green New Deal." They both know Americans, despite all the obvious and hidden failures, love THOSE kinds of socialistic policies. This is also why he is surging in the polls.

    1. I think Bernie's aim no matter what he espouses will further the aims of the Oligarchy and screw the people that try to vote him in ...

      Just like every other president that has ever lived.