Sunday, February 2, 2020

Conservative Drag Queen, Lady Maga, Assaulted at San Francisco Republican Trash Clean Up Event

"I never thought I’d see the day, as an adult, that I was protested for picking up trash."--Scott Presler
There were actually protesters in San Francisco at a joint Republican Party- Scott Presler clean-up the streets event.

And it got worse. The conservative, gay, drag queen, Lady Maga, was assaulted. He was at the event to participate in the clean-up and highlight what all the participants saw as poor city management by Democratic leadership.

Because Lady Maga is conservative, who is against drag queen story-hours for school children, he is often stalked at events. On Saturday things escalated when he was assaulted by a masked man dressed in black.

I happened to be passing by as the police arrived and was able to interview Lady Maga as to what occurred.

Follow up note: After I recorded this, Lady Maga approached me to tell me the group had found video of the assault and that he was going to go ahead with the pressing of charges.

Just remember: The radical left is about the grabbing of power "by any means necessary." Truth, decency and debate mean nothing to them.



  1. Yup, the radical left is all about grabbing power " by any means necessary."
    Even infiltrating conservative ranks.

    But you would think this one would be a dead give away.
    A "conservative" drag queen.

    Uh huh.
    What are they smoking down there in San Fran?
    Hillary, Elizabeth and Bernie want to know.

    1. Conservatives spend 20 years bombing g countries who never attacked us, murdering thousands of children...... but a man in women's clothing?!?! Surely this is the fall of Christendom!

    2. Makes no sense but sure grabs attention and that's enough for some people