Monday, February 3, 2020

Brad Pitt's Megxit Joke in Front of Prince William and Kate

I wonder how Meghan, the aspiring Queen of Woke, thinks things are going.

Brad Pitt was a no show at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts but that doesn't mean he didn't get a Megxit joke off at the expense of Harry in front of Prince William and Kate.

Margot Robbie collected his award for best-supporting actor and read his thank you message that included the joke. “He says that he is gonna name this (the trophy) Harry — because he is really excited about bringing it back to the States with him,” Margot said.


Btw in Polish, Harry would be called a pantofel (slipper), as in "She wears him like a slipper."



  1. Maybe this whole episode has nothing to do with wokeness, and she just wants to keep her children away from all the pedophiles who hang around the royals.