Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bernie's Summer Camp

During the Las Vegas debate, Mike Bloomberg charged Bernie Sanders with being a socialist hypocrite since he owns three homes.

Bernie dismissed Bloomberg's charge by saying he had a home in Washington D.C. where he works, one in Burlington, Vermont which is his primary Vermont residence and the third being a "summer camp."

This is Bernie's summer camp:

He bought it in 2016 with his wife for $575,000.

It sits along the 120-mile-long  Lake Champlain, between Vermont and New York, on the island of North Hero, population of approx. 1,000.



  1. His followers would rationalize he deserves this luxury because he works so hard on their behalf and needs a peaceful place to go to unwind from all the political stress. And as long as he throws a week
    long party for them on the island after he becomes El Presidente.

  2. Pine - The working man's wood. Poor Bernie.

  3. Add some weed or other hard drugs or maybe some alcohol, I guess he could be scribbling Marxist screeds in no time.

  4. I read somewhere he paid cash for this place.

  5. Reminds me of another certain commie's little summer dacha on Lake Ritsa, in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia... Very appropriate.