Saturday, February 29, 2020

Bernie Sanders Holds Big Leads in California and Texas Ahead of Super Tuesday Vote

Is socialist Bernie Sanders going to pick up enough electoral votes to win, or come close to winning, the nomination on the first ballot at the July 13 to 16 Democratic National convention that is to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

The Democratic establishment may have trouble rigging this election against Bernie.

Sanders holds substantial leads in the two largest states to vote in next week's Super Tuesday lineup of primaries, according to new CNN polls.

In Texas, Sanders has the support of 29% likely primary voters, former Vice President Joe Biden has 20%, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg stands at 18% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is at 15%.

The California results suggest the same four contenders hold the most support, though Sanders stands well ahead of the three contending for second place. Sanders holds 35% support, Warren is at 14%, Biden is at 13% and Bloomberg is at 12%. Sanders' support in the state has climbed 15 points since December, while Biden's has slid eight points. Bloomberg has gained seven.

Decisive wins by Bernie in California and Texas -- states which will award more than 600 of the 1,991 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination would be big, since he will likely be strong in many other Super Tuesday states. In addition, if Bernie goes into the convention with a sizable delegate count it is going to be very difficult for the Democratic establishment to take the nomination away from him.

Here are the full poll numbers:

Sanders 35%
Warren 14%
Biden 13%
Bloomberg 12%
Buttigieg 7%

Sanders 29%
Biden 20%
Bloomberg 18%
Warren 15%
Buttigieg 8%

Final thought: If Sanders somehow wins the presidency, you better hope the Republicans control Congress.


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