Monday, February 17, 2020

An Open Letter to Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson

Murray Sabrin emails Tucker Carlson:
Your stance on the failed war on drugs is the same position of drug dealers who make billions because of prohibition.  The failed alcohol prohibition is a lesson most conservatives have not grasped, except Bill Buckley who came around to support drug legalization.  See this article.
Radical libertarian from New Jersey who would be happy to debate you on this issue.


  1. I guess the million dollar question here is what to do with people who takes these hard drugs and cause problems for the rest of us. My libertarian tendencies end where your stupid life choices endanger the life and property of me and my family or others. Do we have to save people who can't do for themselves?

    The libertarians are technically right on a lot of the drug laws that have debased private property rights.

    1. At what point should libertarians insist on the physical removal of drug warriors and other superstitious puritans from society? Your distaste for drug use is fine until your poor political choices put me and my family in harm's way. Do we have to indulge these lunatics' delusions?

    2. For "what to do with people who takes these hard drugs and cause problems for the rest of us," the answer is the same as what we do with people who drink too much.

    3. So Donxon, you would tolerate a drug addled POS in the name of libertardianism? Yeah, I get the statist sides of the issues. This is why SF and LA shit laden crap holes because no one enforces any standard. I don't like the state any more than others, but I should hot have put up with people's drug using causing me problems. I guess shit in the streets and used needles are not matters of public safety in your opinion? But hey, I'm talking to the nitwit who thinks low IQ turd worlders are equals.

    4. I live in Oakland. I go to SF all the time. There are no problems there that wouldn't be radically released by shutting down this or that gov program, especially the drug war.

      Are you under the impression that people get hooked on heroine because "no one enforces any standards"?

  2. We now live in a personal responsibility free nation Lab! You are just yelling at the storm at this point.

    Addicts are the least capable humans there are and if you made everything legal Darwinism would cull many out of the herd which is to the benefit of all. When you make overdose equal opportunity everyone wins.