Thursday, January 23, 2020

Twitter is Watching the Senate Trial So We Don't Have To

The current Senate trial to determine if President Trump should be removed from office is nothing but a battle for power between Democrats and Trump with Republicans standing in line for the most part with Trump.

I have no interest in following it in detail as both sides will distort facts and Constitutional interpretations to advance their position. It is a waste of time to think anything serious is going on.

Trump tried to shakedown Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. This may have benefitted him personally but it was not in conflict with the interests of the U.S. to find out if U.S. officials were paid for favors. Politicians make similar actions to Trump's, that benefit them personally, everyday on all sorts of issues.

The only value the trial can serve is to provide humor and absurdity for entertainment purposes. And thankfully, we have Twitter to highlight these moments for us.



  1. Impeachment: Make America Hate The Dimocrats More Than The Repuglicans.

  2. I have zero interest in watching it. I told my wife to just let me know when/if Pence is our President. I don't give a crap.