Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tulsi Gabbard: Impeachment Has ‘Greatly Increased’ Chances Trump Will Win in 2020

Gabbard is correct on this.

She is really saying that Nancy Pelosi made a strategic error in allowing the House impeachment. As I have said, long before Trump did, Pelosi is a very overrated House Speaker.

What is most alarming is Gabbard's warning that Republicans might gain back control of the House. The best thing that libertarians can hope for, in this age of ever-expanding government, is gridlock with different parties in control somewhere, either in one of the chambers of Congress or the executive office.

Let them battle amongst themselves. It will leave less time for them to harass us. But Republicans controlling the White House and all of Congress would be a serious problem. The only hope then would be for the House conservative caucus to throw minor speed bumps in front of the charging GOP elephant. But that is not much, especially with a somewhat more politically savvy Trump back in the White House for another go at it.


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  1. Republicans in control of Congress with Trump at the helm seriously sounds like a nightmare. It could make George Dubya’s first term look like a skip in the park.