Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Trump Administration Begins Drafting Possible Sanctions Against Iraq

The madness has no end.

Senior administration officials have begun drafting sanctions against Iraq after President Trump publicly threatened the country with economic penalties if it proceeded to expel U.S. troops, according to three people briefed on the planning, reports The Washington Post.

Got that?

The Trump administration is drawing up plans to sanction Iraq because they don't want the United States military in their country.

Notes The Post:
Such a step would represent a highly unusual move against a foreign ally that the United States has spent almost two decades and hundreds of billions of dollars supporting...
Thousands of American troops have died fighting the war in Iraq, and the United States has spent about $1 trillion on that conflict.
“I’m astounded by what’s even being discussed,” said Peter Kucik, who served in the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which implements sanctions policy, under the Bush and Obama administrations. "You don’t typically use force against your allies. We are threatening to use extreme coercive policy tools against countries with whom we are allied.”
 The Treasury Department and White House will probably take a lead role if the sanctions are implemented, the officials said.

Most United States presidents have been bullies but Trump is certainly the most transparent in his moves to bully the world. But judging from the Twittersphere, there still remains a large number of Americans who support the president in his actions.



  1. Astounding, the events unfolding before our eyes. Is this what the lead-up to "The Guns of August" felt like? Is this how things unfolded, slow-motion, after the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated, and up to the moment Austria declared war on Serbia?
    Except this time, there is quite a bit more circus atmosphere and clown-like blunder, it seems.

  2. Trump is worse than both Obama and Bush. He hasn’t started another Iraq War, but then again, there hasn’t been an attack on US soil yet to give him an excuse.

  3. With great hesitation and agonizing of conscience, I broke Butler Shaffer's principal of never voting (OK, I voted for Harry, but that was it) and voted for Trump with the thought that he would keep everyone entertained and also, he had excellent enemies. Since then, I was still, though wavering, feeling I did OK to vote. This has now changed and I am ashamed of my backsliding. Never again Dr. Shaffer (R.I.P.), never again.
    It is so outrageous to be ruled by such narcissistic, high-minded, amoral, blood thirsty, infantile, petty, murderous -------- Here it is on full display. How a people descend into madness. The complete denial of civility and rational thought has left them and their ugliness and horrific countenance laid bare. We are witnessing what may have been inconceivable just a few years ago and at break-neck pace and escalating G forces. (No pun intended)
    One great hope: That their adornment of legitimacy be rent and torn asunder, that the masses open their eyes and see.
    Is this not hope? Is this not possible?

  4. Though many have known for years how broken 'Murica is they didnt understand just how badly broken. None of this surprises me much.

    It will get much worse!