Thursday, January 23, 2020

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Tells Greta Thunberg to Go Study Economics

Greta Thunberg
This is just awesome,

When Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was asked at a press conference, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to comment on the debate over the economics of climate change spurred by the Greta Thunberg.

Bloomberg reports he quipped: “Is she the chief economist?” He then said: “After she goes and studies economics in college, she can go back and explain that to us.”

This really gets to the heart of the matter. If one buys into the claim that the climate is going to change in some dramatic fashion, the fact remains it will impact different parts of the planet differently and the measures required to deal with the changes will be different in different locations.

It will be the economics of the local situation as to how to adjust to the changes. Greta with her macro warnings and demands doesn't appear to be aware of this.



  1. Greta isn't aware of this. Nor are the adults who have programmed her to emote about climate change aware of this because they don't care. All they want is to move Western economies towards socialism. Period. And since the average voter is both envious of wealthy people and eager for free stuff from the government, those details aren't terribly important to know.

  2. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. For instance the WSJ reports: "Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is collaborating with the Federal Reserve to monitor lender reserves and curtail a rate crisis..." Crisis? Or the result of government manipulation gone wrong? This and a series of other statements by Mnuchin are the same kind of chicken little "the sky is falling" fear mongering that Greta and her handlers are engaged in. Mnuchin may be more subtle in his approach but both he and Greta, et al want to scare people into giving them power. The truth is that Greta et al have learned their lesson all too well from people like Mnuchin. Rather than admonishing Greta to learn economics before making policy recommendations he and his cohorts should stop using fear and force and get out of the way of the free market.

  3. Better yet get a minor in climatology to at least have a clue. I despise stupidity particularly in a poster child!!!!

  4. “After she goes and studies economics in college, she can go back and explain that to us.”

    -- Given the state of economics education in colleges these days, I'm not sure that she would graduate with any different opinion.

  5. Climate Change has replaced Christianity as the dominant religion in the West. Heretics will be burned at the stake.