Friday, January 31, 2020

The Socialist Programs That Bernie Sanders Wants to Implement in America

Bernie Sanders, socilaist
Make no mistake about it, Bernie Sanders is a hardcore socialist.

This fact is a developing concern because according to polls, he is leading in the Iowa caucuses. He will also likely do very well in New Hampshire since he is a U.S. senator from the neighboring state of Vermont.

He is probably still a long-shot to gain the nomination as the 2020 presidential candidate of the Democratic Party but it seems he is picking up steam every day.

He are some of the socialist, opportunistic and interventionists programs he says he wants to implement if he is president:
  • A Medicare for All, single-payer, national health insurance program to provide everyone in America with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service. Translation: socialized medicine.
  • Commit to reducing emissions throughout the world, including providing $200 billion to the Green Climate Fund and invest in conservation and public lands to heal our soils, forests, and prairie lands.  Translation crony green socialism.
  • Guarantee tuition and debt-free public colleges, universities, HBCUs, Minority Serving Institutions and trade-schools to all. Translation: government propoganda for all as "education."
  • Double union membership within Bernie’s first term. Translation: Build a coalition of Bernie supporters.
  • Establish federal protections against the firing of workers for any reason other than “just cause.” Translation: Build another coalition of Bernie supporters.
  • End the housing crisis by investing $2.5 trillion to build nearly 10 million permanently affordable housing units. Translation: Have built poor quality by crony union workers 
  • Combat gentrification, exclusionary zoning, segregation, and speculation. Translation: Attack private property owners.
  •  Implement a national rent control standard. Translation: Kill the incentive to build new housing.
  • Increase the starting salary for teachers to no less than $60,000, expanding collective bargaining rights and teacher tenure, and funding out-of-pocket expenses for classroom materials. Translation: Build another coalition of Bernie supporters.
  • Establish an annual tax on the "extreme" wealth of the top 0.1 percent of U.S. households. Translation: A hate capitalism tax that will shrink the productive capital structure of the economy.
  • Allow every post office to offer basic and affordable banking services and end lending discrimination. Translation: Meeting a Karl Marx dream.
  • Companies with large gaps between their CEO and median worker pay would see progressively higher corporate tax rates. Translation: Wipeout jobs for low income workers who would increase the gap between CEO and workers.
  • Implement a foreign policy that focuses on democracy, human rights, diplomacy and peace, and economic fairness. Translation: A new justification for war.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve and make it a more democratic institution so that it becomes responsive to the needs of ordinary Americans, not just the billionaires on Wall Street. Translation: Audit the Fed to get it to print even more money.
  • Fundamentally rewrite all of our trade deals to deals to prevent the outsourcing of American jobs and raise wages. Eliminate the incentives baked into our current trade and tax agreements that make it easier for multinational corporations to ship jobs overseas. Translation: More anti-trade than Trump.
  • Create 20 million jobs as part of the Green New Deal, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and creating a 100% sustainable energy system. Translation: Create more Bernie supporters with crony jobs that are non-productive.


  1. Well, if he gets elected, I guess I might as well get another college degree or two---wWy not, if someone else is paying for it. Maybe an economics degree. Certainly a Teaching Certificate...something to fall back on (or just for fun). Anthropology maybe...

  2. Call me a bad guy, but I'm hoping he has a fatal heart attack.

  3. I hope he encounters an overwhelming love and peace. He just seems so angry.