Friday, January 10, 2020

The Queen of Global Wokeness? Why Meghan is Really Ditching Her Duchess Role

Harry and Meghan
By Brendan O'Neill

So Harry and Meghan are stepping back. They’re resigning from The Firm. They’re ducking out of the Sovereign Grant and royal duties and going it alone. They’re going to split their time between the UK and North America – think of all the CO2! – and become more ‘independent’

Why? Come on, we all know why. Forget the tripe about them fleeing the racism of the UK tabloids and the nonsense about the first DOC (duchess of colour) not being made to feel welcome in the stiff, white House of Windsor. No, H&M, the most right-on royals in history, are breaking off so that they can foist even more woke bollocks on the plebs without having to worry about receiving a tutting phone-call from Her Maj’s press secretary reminding them that they’re royalty and not virtue-signalling Hollywood celebs.

Megxit, as this royal bombshell is wittily being called, is a striking sign of the times. What Harry and Meghan are doing is virtually unprecedented in the history of the royals. They are jacking in their jobs (I say jobs) as senior royals and pursuing a more ‘financially independent’ path that will allow them to earn, travel and – this is important – jabber on about their pet concerns and causes as much as they like.

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  1. We certainly know who wears the pants in that family.

  2. they are being let go by Charles

  3. They still are getting $780K in annual security reimbursement and over $170K for travel expenses. Plus he gets $3 million from Prince Charles annually.

    Haha. They are about as much separating from the family as the proverbial rich kid that says he's independent while Dad still pays his condo mortgage, car and insurance and still gets a hefty allowence.

  4. Do you blame them for wanting to get out of the fetid immigrant infested UK?

  5. Who cares. Wanna be important people, who see they are at the bottom of the monarch food chain.