Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Private Property Society and the Wuhan Coronavirus

A friend asks how a Private Property Society would deal with a Wuhan coronavirus situation.

Specifically, the question goes like this, "If the PPS is about respect for private property and leaving others alone on their property, how do you deal with a situation where there is a wild animal vendor that is selling wild animals that have the potential to carry viruses that can transfer to humans?"

My response is that a community (or person) could force such an individual to shut his shop down and not violate the PPS. Remember, the PPS is based on the methodological individualist principle that it is best for me to agree to leave others alone on their property if they agree to leave me alone on my property.

But if someone is doing something on their property that is a direct physical threat to me, then the leave me alone on my property and I will leave you alone on your property doesn't hold because that person is not leaving me alone on my property.

It would be the same thing as if a person on their property was shooting a shotgun on to my property. In the case of the wild animals, it is creating the possibility of "shooting" deadly virus on to my property.


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  1. In this case the diseases that could transfer from one property to another are similar to pollution.