Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Spotted in The People's Republic of San Francisco... a sandwich shop:



  1. In these PC days this may be good marketing.

  2. Best way to get me "not" to do something is to tell me to do something.

  3. And what if some members of staff prefer the traditional pronouns (long shot, I know, in SF)? Imagine if the inverse occurred, where an employer posted a sign that said "Please use gender-specific pronouns when interacting with the staff"? We'd never hear the end of the calls to boycott the store.

  4. Pointless. When have you ever said he/she/they/them when placing an order? If anything you would say “you” as in “would you please...”

    These pronouns usually only come into play when speaking to one person ABOUT another person. I don’t care what pronouns you want me to use because I’m not talking to you. In fact I’ll probably just use “dipshit” as your pronoun. “Yea, dipshit told me about dipshit’s pronouns, but it’s easier just to call dipshit dipshit.”

    1. I like the dipshit approach a lot. "Dont trigger me I can only refer to them's as dipshits so respect that!"

  5. I don't even know how to put this into practice. I could figure it out I guess if I cared enough to think about it---but I don't.

  6. I'd just keep on walking past the store.