Monday, January 27, 2020

POLITICAL SAVVY: The New San Francisco District Attorney Versus President Trump

The radical lefty Chesa Boudin was sworn in as San Francisco district attorney on Wednesday, January 8. That Friday, January 10, he fired multiple city prosecutors, including the managing attorney of the office’s Homicide Unit; the managing attorneys in the General Felonies Unit;  the managing attorney in the office’s Gang Unit; a trial attorney in the Crime Strategies Unit, and a felony trial attorney.

Many around the nation were shocked.

There shouldn't have been an ounce of surprise. Radical lefties are very good at strategy and tactics. Boudin's parents were Weather Underground, who were convicted of a Brink's armored truck robbery and murder. With his parents in prison, he was adopted and brought up by the radical lefty Bill Ayers.

There is no question Boudin understands strategy and tactics. He grew up around it. There is no way he wasn't going to clean house and get rid of anyone who might attempt to sabotage his lefty agenda.

Contrast this with President Trump, who came into the White House surrounded by those out to get him personally. Some are gone others remain. He just never cleaned house. Then it got worse.

Probably the most idiotic personnel decision Trump made was to bring on board the administration, as his national security adviser, the anti-Trump warmonger John Bolton.

You don't have to be a radical lefty steeped in strategy to know this was a dumb move. Trump, of course, had to eventually fire him. But this doesn't mean the Trump-created Bolton problem has gone away.

Bolton now says that if he is subpoenaed, he will testify before the Senate trial of Trump. And the latest reports say that he would testify that Trump tied his willingness to release aid to Ukraine on investigations he sought. Whether that should actually be grounds for a conviction is another story but the Bolton problem is an object lesson that highlights Trump's lack of skill as a political administrator.

Day one Trump should have cleaned house à la Boudin. He didn't because he doesn't understand strategy and tactics at the political-administrative level and, secondly, he doesn't have any guiding principles as to what type of people to replace current personnel with.

Trump knows how to appeal to the masses to get a chunk of the vote but that is about as far as his political skill goes. If he wins re-election, and he may, I can't imagine the erratic directions he will go in without the prospect of future re-election keeping him a little tamed. And there will be no telling who he will have as advisers around him whispering into his ear. I doubt he even knows at this time.

It could get worse than Bolton.


  1. Why are lefties simultaneously more sentimental than libertarians AND more pragmatic and strategic? Why do we suck at this game so badly?

    1. I think it's a general lack of desire to play the game. In the fourth volume of "Conceived in Liberty," Rothbard talks about how the most radical libertarians didn't want to participate in the constitutional convention. That allowed the conservatives to prevail.

  2. Why didn't Trump clean House? because if he did he would have ended up in a open top Limo in Dallas. People still swallow whole the absurd notion that Trump is this outsider who somehow just strolled into the throne room and crowned himself while all the others were fighting among themselves and manages to remain there.

    1. That's right. And didn't one of his kids received a package with an inert white powder in it during his first year in office? I believe the message was loud and clear.