Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Lawrence Wilkerson on the Motive Behind Trump's Iran Aggression

Insightful and important commentary from Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired U. S. Army Colonel and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Deep into the interview, you will be stunned to hear about his discussion with Obama in the White House and what Obama said about war.

Find the time to watch this one.




  1. Obama stated "This town has a bias toward war." And Wilkerson was surprised to hear a president admit this out loud and further admit he has no solution. I am not surprised. Clearly our governments move toward war is not going to be stopped by politicians or bureaucrats. It is not in their best personal interests to do what is necessary. Namely to eliminate their access to power (legislation/regulation) and financial resources (taxes and the FED). This would mean limiting themselves to actions that do not initiate agression and funding this activity with voluntary contributions. They won't do this. Only a power from outside the U.S. government and political structure could change this warring trajectory.

    1. And not even an outside power would work. Murica is the new Rome. It will burn no matter what anyone does.