Saturday, January 4, 2020

Iran Raises Flag That Signals Severe Battle to Come



  1. Nation-states labeled as opponents of the US are going to get tired of continually being "punched in the mouth" by the US government. It won't be long before they "punch" back, again, resulting in real harm to the US (i.e. Americans on US soil, soldiers, tourists, embassy & foreign civil service personnel, etc.). The tragedy is that when one of more of these Nation-states punches back it will be twisted, by the US government and its MSM public relations arm, to take more of our freedom and liberty under the guise of keeping us safe. Think the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the FISA courts, etc.

  2. I already have a couple of neocon friends triumphantly sending me links to news that Iran is planning or already attempting cyber-attacks on the USA---as if to say "SEE?! They're bad people, committing terrorism! What we did was justified!" ... As if retaliation to an act of war is unjustified.