Saturday, January 25, 2020

How to Create a Best Seller the Mark Benioff-Salesforce Way

Marc Benioff’s book, Trailblazer, a lefty tome that promotes a confused combination of central planning and capitalism, recorded enough sales to reach the New York Times best-seller list.

Bloomberg News has an inside scoop on just how the path to The New York Times was, well, trailblazed.

According to Bloomberg, the company he co-founded, Inc., helped boost sales by encouraging employees to buy and expense the book.

The company sent a memo to its 48,000-member workforce last fall offering reimbursement if they purchased  “Trailblazer.” The company said. Salesforce said it considers the book to be “business material.”

On its website, Salesforce touted it as an “instant” New York Times bestseller.

Notes Bloomberg, while the exact calculations behind the bestseller lists are shrouded in secrecy, the consensus in the publishing industry, according to the news website Vox, is it takes at least 5,000 books sold in a week to make the New York Times’ list--in other words roughly purchases by 10% of Salesforce employees would likely have gotten the book on the Times list.


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