Friday, January 3, 2020

Fareed Zakaria: Trump Administration Pursuing a Policy of Maximum Pressure on Iran

This is a pretty solid analysis by CNN's Fareed Zakaria of the crisis situation that President Trump has created in the Middle East.

Remarkably, the neocon Max Boot even sounds reasonable in this clip compared to Trump actions.



  1. Starts from the false flag op of Iran attacking Saudi shipping in the Gulf. Claims Iran shot down our drone...but leaves out that it was in Iranian airspace...? The drone attack on Saudi oil facilities were from the Yemenis. The purpose of this piece is to solidify the lies that the empire wants the minions to believe.

  2. It makes one wonder why Trump keeps doing the bidding of the neocon jackasses when they won't even support him tepidly, while he is serving them. I found Max Boot's words utterly amazing. It's almost like Boot got amnesia about being a neocon and actually wanting a war in Iran, and here is Trump, providing him with an event chock full of potential to ignite the war Boot's ilk want, and yet, here he is on CNN, implying that these actions are all Trump's baby. These weasels are going to leave that fool holding the bag.

  3. The Cheeto in chief is showing unequivocally he is a liar and consummate terrorist that dances at the end of the MilCom puppet strings. If he starts this war I hope he gets his ass handed to him and the maneuver fails miserably. What an idiot