Friday, December 6, 2019

What Jordan Peterson is Really Like

If you are a fan of Jordan Peterson, you are going to enjoy the documentary, "The Rise of Jordan Peterson."

I was provided an advance look at the film and found it extremely informative about the man. This is a real intimate inside look that you don't get from watching his youtube videos or reading his books.

The documentary follows him around day-to-day so you get a chance to see him interact with many people including his family---his wife, his daughter and his son. Who even knew he had a son?

The documentary starts early in the Jordon Peterson rise so you get to see how he reacts to the increased fame. The filmmaker Patricia Marcoccia came across Peterson's book, Maps of Meaning as a young adult studying psychology at McMaster University, around 2004.

She even attended some of his classes at the University of Toronto back then. "I learned that he was quite popular among students and that he had a reputation of being a 'life-changing professor,'" she says.

She approached him in the spring of 2015 about doing a documentary. This was before the pronoun controversy resulted in Peterson going viral.

I have to give Marcoccia kudos for the amount of early footage she found and how it was worked into the film. From a production, storytelling perspective, the film was very well done.

But, of course, Peterson is the focus of the film and the peek into his life is as good as you could possibly get.

You see him walking around his house in cutoff jeans and you see him attempting to deal with a  "close friend" who wrote a scathing attack piece about him, "Now I Think He is Dangerous," that was published in the Toronto Star.

If you are interested in Peterson, this is a must view.

The documentary is now released and is available on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon & Google Play and  DVD/Blu-Ray.

There are also screenings throughout the country (List here.) Here's the trailer:




  1. I'm really leery of adopting heroes and champions, BUT... I knew right away that this was my guy.
    Hours of his videos watched and many many teary moments when he just nails it.
    BTW, my youngest son's life was transformed by him.

  2. I first saw him on youtube, giving a talk on post-modernism and the deleterious effects on Western Civilization. I was transfixed.

  3. I have made many changes in my life because of him.