Monday, December 9, 2019

What the Establishment Really Thinks About President Trump

George Shultz
Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown writes:
Charlotte and [Former Secretary of State and Treasury] George Shultz hosted a dinner the other night at North Beach Restaurant — and the theme was impeachment.

Charlotte set places for everyone by putting their names on cans of “ImPEACHES” and gave each guest a roll of “ImpeachMINTS” after dinner.

When asked about the impeachment proceedings, George said, “I don’t care what happens on impeachment. I just want to make sure that we beat Trump” come November 2020.

“We beat Trump”?

George is a lifelong Republican and former secretary of state, which gives you an idea of what the Republican establishment thinks of Trump.


  1. Trump threatens the taxpayer funded gravy train they have all been enjoying for years. And for that they can never forgive him.

    1. no. Trump is the establishments Manchurian Candidate.