Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Top Conservative Rabbi Explodes Over Trump's Decision to Declare Judaism a Nationality

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro
President Trump will sign today an executive order to interpret Judaism as a nationality and not just a religion.

The response of top orthodox Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro: "I am livid."

"I will defy this order in every way I can," he also said during an appearance on Fault Lines, the show hosted by Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon.

According to Shapiro, only two groups are in favor of declaring Judaism a nationality, anti-Semites and Zionists.

He pointed out on the show that Adolf Hitler wrote in Chapter 2 of Mein Kampf  that he considered Jews to be a separate nation.

He went on to say that he believed Trump's son-in-law, who he called a radical Zionist, is behind the executive order.

According to CNN:
It's an order that would allow Trump to take further steps to combat anti-Israel sentiments and divestment movements on college campuses by requiring colleges and universities to treat those movements as discriminatory in order to keep their funding.
The move would trigger a portion of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 that requires educational institutions receiving federal funding to not discriminate based on national origin, according to senior administration officials. The Department of Education can withhold federal funding from any college or educational program that discriminates based on race, color or national origin, according to the Civil Rights Act.
Religion is not covered in that portion of the law so the administration would have to interpret Judaism as a nationality in order to potentially punish universities for violations.
Shapiro believes it is an attempt to squelch protest and opposition, even from Jews, of the current establishment Israeli position.

He said it is against the Torah which he said holds that Judaism is only a religion.



  1. Isnt this what sacred Israel wants? Lets let them walk the talk.

  2. Bob I'm afraid you're going above your pay grade here. Shapiro is being dishonest as a Jew as well. He very well knows we are a nation, and a religion. We are referred to as a nation explicitly all over the Torah, many many times. What he should be saying is that it is not up to the President to decide what Jews are or to define them. He shouldn't deny the definition - the definition is irrelevant here. Just leave Jews alone is the important point, same as everyone else. I'm also against Trump defining Jews in any way at all. That's up to Jews, or God, or whatever.

    1. Oh please, you need to understand the concept of "nation" when the Torah was recorded:

      Scott Perlo, Conservative, Sixth & I Congregation: Judaism is so old that it doesn’t fit any of these categories neatly. When we came into the world, all of these categories were inextricable! “Nation” meant people of a certain ethnicity who shared a religion and therefore a culture. Only moderns divide them up.