Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Screenplay About Barron Trump Sabotaging Dad’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

According to lefty logic, you can't say a negative thing about Greta Thunberg even though she is front and center in the totalitarian cover story: the climate change movement.

But it is okay to make a lefty movie about Barron Trump sabotaging his father's election bid--even though Barron stays completely out of the spotlight and most certainly did not attempt to sabotage his father's presidential campaign.

From Variety:
Barron Trump could be coming to the big screen soon, in a wild scripted ride that imagines President Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son attempting to thwart his presidential ambitions.
“Barron: A Tale of Love, Loss & Legacy” by screenwriter Nicolas Curcio has rated on the annual Black List, a ranking of Hollywood’s best unproduced scripts, which is conducted by surveying 250 top film executives.
Curcio’s screenplay imagines a younger Barron, “fearing the devastating impact that his father’s presidency would have on his personal life, his country and the world at large.” In light of this fictional dilemma, Barron “sets out to sabotage his father’s 2016 campaign.”

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  1. It actually sounds entertaining. I just might go to see that.