Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Rand Paul on Fire: Tangles With CNN's Jack Tapper

This weekend, Rand Paul joined CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper to discuss the current situation regarding efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump and also Afghanistan.

Rand stood tough against extremely hostile questioning by Tapper.


Nice job Rand.



  1. Was that a debate or an interview? Tapper is insufferable.

  2. It’s funny “ didn’t trump try to get them to investigate one of his rivals”?
    Aren’t the democrats trying to impeach their only rival?

  3. "Evidence?"

    Rand could have shut it down at the get go by asking Tapper to tell him "Seriously, what kind of evidence was there?'.

    Biden was a crook before he was going to be tentatively the Donald's opponent in 2020. But being a Dimocrat - or maybe just a politishun - is supposed to get him off the hook like.

    Like Shrillary.

  4. Jake Tapper = Jerk extraordinaire

  5. The TV in the McDonalds I'm sitting in is tuned to Fox News. Some idiot pol was droning on about bribery, bribery, bribery. I counted the word bribery 6 times before I walked over and turned the sound down to zero. Of course bribery is not mentioned in either article of impeachment. They are programing the masses to believe that is what took place. It's similar to how they use collusion to describe Russiagate. Trump didn't conspire with Russia, he colluded. Conspiracy is reserved for nuts who question the official narrative. BTW, I've been here 2 hours using their Wifi, and thankfully, no one has turned the TV volume up.