Thursday, December 26, 2019

Oh Great, Let's Taunt the Big Players

President Trump has some anti-establishment instincts but he really has no clue as to how to execute on such instincts.

Given his actions over his rhetoric, it sure appears as though the military wing of the Deep State has a pretty easy time directing Trump to move in the direction they desire.

Give the guy a cap and he is ready to go.

The New York Times reports:
Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper is weighing proposals for a major reduction — or even a complete pullout — of American forces from West Africa as the first phase of reviewing global deployments that could reshuffle thousands of troops around the world, according to officials familiar with internal deliberations.
The discussions of a large-scale pullback from West Africa include abandoning a recently built $110 million drone base in Niger and ending assistance to French forces battling militants in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. The deliberations stem from a push to reduce post-9/11 missions battling terrorist groups, and instead to refocus Pentagon priorities on confronting so-called Great Powers like Russia and China...
Mr. Trump is not so much ending wars as he is moving troops from one conflict to another, and Mr. Esper’s initiative aims to carry out that rebalancing.

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  1. I guess we should be thankful that we are not at war with Russia ... yet.