Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New DiLorenzo Book Coming on Lincoln

In a new essay up at, Trump vs. Lincoln: What’s a Republican to Think?, Tom DiLorenzo mentions in passing:
Having researched and written about Lincoln, his war, his statist economic policies, and his demolition of civil liberties over the past twenty years (my next Lincoln book will be published by Regnery in June), I have learned that all the typical American over the age of 35 knows about him is the few slogans that Americans are all taught in grade school – that he supposedly “freed the slaves with a stroke of a pen” and “saved the union,” both of which are undeniably false.  The under-35 population knows even less... The degree of delusion about Lincoln is orders of magnitude greater today than it was then [1943], thanks to the ongoing efforts of the court historians of the Lincoln cult.

Can't wait.

From the book's blurb:
So many thousands of books deifying Abraham Lincoln have been published that it is nearly impossible for the average citizen to learn much of anything that is truthful about Lincoln's presidency.

This book should create doubt in anyone’s mind over the designation of Abraham Lincoln as America’s greatest president. Some may even decide that he was the worst.

You'll learn that Lincoln promised to protect slavery forever in his first inaugural address by endorsing the “Corwin Amendment” to the Constitution, which would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with Southern slavery. It should rightly be known as Lincoln’s “slavery forever” speech.

You'll learn that the real reason why Lincoln launched an invasion of his own country (he never admitted that secession was legal or legitimate) was to destroy the voluntary union of the founders and replace it with a coerced union held together by violence and threats of violence, much more like the old Soviet Union than the original American union.

You were probably not taught in school that by waging total war on Southern civilians and bombing Southern cities into a smoldering ruin, Lincoln violated all moral codes and international law regarding waging war on civilians and opened the door the horrific atrocities of twentieth-century warfare.

Finally, professor Thomas DiLorenzo is introducing readers to the real Abraham Lincoln.

Pre-order DiLorenzo's new book, "The False Virtue of Abraham Lincoln" here:

Here are DiLorenzo's other Lincoln books:


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  1. "Finally, professor Thomas DiLorenzo is introducing readers to the real Abraham Lincoln."

    What "finally"---? He's already written 2 books on the subject (and one of them even titled "The Real Lincoln"). I mean, I liked the aforementioned book, but I couldn't see reading yet another rehash...