Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mitch McConnell Reveals Himself to be Part of the Deep State Snake Pit

This is really no surprise.

 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has joined fellow Deep State snake Lindsey Graham in trying to kill a long Senate trial with witnesses which would expose the shady operations of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and who really knows how many others, following a House impeachment of President Trump.
This is reason alone for Kentucky voters to send Mitch and his team packing in 2020.



  1. "...send Mitch and his team packing in 2020." As if political action will rid us of the thieving, lying murderous people who call themselves politicians. Playing their game only strengthens them. When one drops from the scene ten more pop up. By participating in their game you enable their destructive behavior. Worse you become willing participants in their thieving and lying. You implicitly endorse the murders they commit. Save yourself. Don't vote.

  2. These clowns pulled the same kinds of shenanigans during the Clinton impeachment. They didn't call witnesses and couldn't wait to get the trial over.

  3. They are all crooks, all buddies, living high on the hog off of us, why would any of them want to end such a wonderful set up? They get to be actors, conjuring up fake acts of indignation against the other side, then grabbing a beer together or having parties together paid for by us. Laughing all the way. It’s a fantastic scheme, and their crooked ways have increased even with the populace having more information than ever via the Internet. Idiot Americans are afraid to even scorn them as they are afraid to demean the offices they hold. “I may not like the president, but I respect the presidency”. Why?