Friday, December 6, 2019

Jane Fonda Considers Herself Some Kind of Climate Expert...

...She was influenced, she says, by 16-year old Greta Thunberg.
She also thinks "just about 100% of climate scientists agree that a drastic emergency is upon us."

This is flat out wrong. Not all climate scientists agree that there is a climate crisis and of those who do most do not consider it a "drastic emergency."

Of course, science is not about majority opinions anyway.

And further, she says zero about the economics of how to deal with a climate crisis if there actually is one.

The 81-year old actress has no clue.

It probably should come as no surprise that she is going to become even more high profile nutty.

In a New York Times op-ed, she writes:
It should come as no surprise that I believe in the power of protest. That’s why I moved to Washington to start what I call Fire Drill Fridays, joining the millions of young people around the world who turned out in the fall for protests to demand that our leaders act to save their futures.


  1. The only future “our leaders” will ever act to save is their own. That is part of the reason the propaganda is that CO2 and warmer temperatures are bad. No mention of the benefits. No mention of the hazards of low CO2 levels and cooler temperatures, which would be much worse for humans. But to the elites, the SJW’s and the ignorant humans are parasites on Gaia that need to be eliminated. With, of course, the exception of themselves.

  2. Global Warming is supposed to make snow a thing of the past, right? The Rutgers Global Snow Lab data shows recent years with the highest northern hemisphere snow cover in the past 52 years. The chances of the MSM pointing this out are about the same as them pointing out that the Fed caused the Great Depression and that Obama installed Nazis in Ukraine.

    1. Now CO2 induced "Climate Change" makes it snow. They changed their minds when the weather got cold and snowy. The end of snow predictions of ten years ago were simply tossed aside. Today the "polar vortex" that they said was caused by too much ice in the arctic in the 1970s is now caused by too little ice in the arctic.

      Also remember when they predicted it would get hot and dry in the midwest? Well since it has been cold and wet now global warming makes it cold and wet. Also, before great lakes water level low? Global warming. Today great lakes water level is high, also global warming.

      The climate priests just make it all up as they go along to justify the ruling class running our lives.

    2. That is the “wavy jet stream” theory. It was originally blamed on Global Cooling by the “experts” during the Global Cooling scare of the 1970s.

      But now, the wavy jet stream is blamed on Global Warming. We're all gonna die!

  3. Sea level panic? No, Great Lakes lake level panic. The Great Lakes are six feet above normal. The high water is destroying the shoreline and homes, businesses and parks are being destroyed.

    Why is this happening? The unmentionable. Massive snowfall last winter in Canada and in recent years which is how the lakes are replenished. I spotted this snow depth map from The Weather Channel last April 15 which showed outrageous levels of snow cover very late in the snow season. I knew that this would bring excessive runoff into the lakes.

    The Weather Channel is owned by NBC or Comcast and I knew that this map would soon disappear, and no mention would ever be made of the excess snow and that the excess water that would soon be coming to the lakes. The flooding is daily news in Michigan. The excess snow, it’s never mentioned. Surprise!!

    Snow is a thing of the past due to Global Warming, right?

  4. Dont you just love the me too mindless

  5. As our beloved InstaPundit is fond of saying: I'll believe that Global Warming is a crisis when the people who are telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis.

  6. The whole climate-science field and its adherents effect a more withering and devastating satire of science than even Jonathan Swift did in "Gulliver's Travels."

    [From here:]
    "Gulliver’s visit to the academy of the projectors in London, the metropolis of Balnibarbians is a great one. Gulliver watches one man trying to extract sunshine from cucumber while another is trying to reduce human excrement to its original food. Some attempt to make gunpowder from ice and houses are built from roof to down and so on. All the projects fail and Swift exposes them as pointless and useless."