Sunday, December 1, 2019

I Present to You the Democratic Front Runner

Note: This is not all bad. There are no candidates that are leaning in the direction of shrinking government. So I prefer the candidate that would be least effective in rallying the masses in the direction of more government intervention.

Joe looks like the winner here.

Yes, the permanent apparatus of the state will continue to operate but that will happen under any president. At least with Joe, we won't have a "great" leader that everyone will follow.



  1. What the heck? This guy is a loon. Definitely a joe for President believer now.

  2. If a GOPer said anything like that, then he'd be excoriated as a pedophile.

  3. This seems like a deep fake. The stuttering is too unnatural.

  4. I take it back. I watched the full 15 minute clip. It was less jittery and straight from a local news station.