Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Go Rudy, Go!

Rudy Giuliani
The New York Times is reporting that Rudy Giuliani met Tuesday in Budapest with the fired Ukrainian prosecutor  Yuri Lutsenko, who investigating corruption claims about the Bidens and Ukrainian involvement in 2016 US presidential campaign.

And it gets better.

According to NYT, Giuliani is now in Kyiv trying to meet with other fired prosecutors, Shokin and Kulyk.

The Deep State is nervous.

The Times continues:
Mr. Giuliani’s trip has generated concern in some quarters of the State Department, coming amid scrutiny of his work with American diplomats earlier this year on the pressure campaign. His trip to Budapest and Kyiv suggests that he is unbowed by the intense scrutiny that has enveloped him and his associates, including revelations from the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday of frequent calls from Mr. Giuliani to the White House and other figures in the pressure campaign at key moments this year.
Apparently, Giuliani is using the trip to help prepare more episodes of a documentary series for the conservative cable channel, One America News, or OAN.



  1. I wish Trump would direct to the DOJ to get on with the program. It's bad enough Trump's DOJ has failed to prosecute a single violent Antifa communist scum bag instead of innocent alt righters.

    It's pretty clear from the lame testimony of these career state department do nothings that they are only unhappy because Trump won't go through them to make decisions and most of them are Obama scumbags who hate America anyway.