Thursday, December 12, 2019

Exit Polls Indicate Big Tory Victory in UK

The Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the UK commies appear to be getting trounced in Thursday's voting.

U.K. exit polls show conservatives winning 368 seats out of 650. They will be in full control.



Now from CNN:

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives on course for huge victory in #UKelection, exit poll projects.

The projections will be a big disappointment for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and suggests Johnson will be able to pass his Brexit deal comfortably.

The exit poll is usually fairly accurate but a lot can still change as the night progresses and actual results begin to come through.


Via Msnbc:

Exit poll projects win for Boris Johnson's Conservative Party and potential to take UK out of EU next month.


From Sky News:

Sky's election analyst Michael Thrasher, who was involved in producing the exit poll, said: "It's been a remarkable day. We've been taking interviews from across the country since 7am this morning right through until just before polling stations closed.
"The Conservatives have been heading for an overall majority all day long, it's just the number has fluctuated down as more Labour voters perhaps turned out to vote later on.

"It really is a remarkable election victory for Boris Johnson. For Labour it really is an appalling election result and possibly its worst performance in any general election since the Second World War.

"Jeremy Corbyn will go down as one of the worst leaders in Labour's history."


Jeremy Corbyn has just stepped down as the leader of the Labour Party!

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