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Don't Get Too Excited About the Matronly Looking Amy Klobuchar as a Presidential Candidate

Amy Klobuchar
With Elizabeth Warren slipping in the polls, and Bernie Sanders seemingly holding on to his base but getting no additional traction, Joe Biden remains the front runner for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination bid. But Sleepy Joe is just one big-time mental slip from causing himself serious damage in his campaign effort.

That leaves Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar as first-tier contenders (and possibly the big spender Mike Bloomberg). It is unclear if Buttigieg will advance beyond his current support. And it is unclear if Big Bucks Bloomberg can television market himself into the nomination.

Klobuchar is, as Magic Johnson says about a basketball team not too far behind in a game, "hanging around." Her matronly look contrasts well against the screaming lunatic Warren and the country may be ready for the calm, boring personality she presents. But don't be fooled for a minute. This woman is a nicely wrapped tool of the Empire.

During a recent appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, Klobuchar discussed her foreign policy views. While on occasion she suggested negotiations, it was also clear during her talk, and the Q&A that followed, that she sees an active role for the US in global affairs and that she would do what is necessary as president to keep the boot of the US Empire on the neck of any country that steps out of line---particularly Russia and China.

And she is a big supporter of the US-controlled United Nations and NATO muscle operations.

There is nothing in her speech to indicate the Deep State would be concerned about her as president. She should be considered a middle-of-the-road war hawk. That is lukewarm on at least some wars but probably very easily pushed into any war given the right "incident."

Below are key excerpts from her speech the (relatively) good and the bad. I say relatively good because the US should be following Geroge Washington's advice and staying out of foreign entanglements. The best we get out of Klobuchar is that it appears she wants to negotiate foreign affairs on occasion rather than use muscle.

The Relatively Good:
Whatever issue we face, whether it’s conflict in Syria or Ebola pandemics in Africa or Zika in South America, our response is more effective if we use the tools of diplomacy and work with our allies.
I will also jumpstart negotiations with Russia to extend the New START Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty, and restore the INF Treaty, that are linchpins in this global framework. Yes, we know that Russia was cheating on the INF Treaty. But that doesn’t mean that you precipitously withdraw from that treaty.
I will renegotiate us back into the Iran agreement. One of the major focuses of U.S. foreign policy for years has been reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, particularly from Iran. That is why I supported that agreement, even though it wasn’t perfect, and why I believe we should renegotiate ourselves back into it.
The Bad
We must also push back against Russia and China, two of the most significant beneficiaries of the disruption of our global system. They have seized the opportunity to strengthen their dictatorial regimes and challenge global peace and stability.
 I’ll renew our commitment to the U.N. and other international organizations, such as NATO. 
I will reaffirm America’s commitment to the NATO alliance and end any question of America’s commitment to collective defense. I will strengthen our relationships with Japan and South Korea, the cornerstones of our economic and security alliance in the Asia-Pacific region.
I will stand with Israel, one of our strongest and most enduring allies, and a beacon of democracy in a really tough neighborhood.
Putin’s regime presents a serious threat to our allies and our security. We know what they did in Ukraine. I went there twice, once with Senator McCain and Senator Graham. Seizing Crimea, poisoning political opponents, arming militants in Eastern Ukraine who shot down an airliner, and propping up Assad’s brutal dictatorship in Syria...
 I actually personally advocated for sending more assistance to Ukraine when President Obama was in, after trips that I took with Senator Durbin and then another one, as I mentioned, with Senator McCain and Senator Graham.
And then she told the CFR crowd that she would return to the delusional, crony-inspired, global climate crisis battle:
On day one, I will rejoin the international climate change agreement.
CFR also provides this frightening but informative background on other Klobuchar positions:
  • Klobuchar has supported expanding the use of air strikes and U.S. special forces to combat Islamist extremism in the Middle East and North Africa.
  •  She has supported other U.S. military interventions, backing the 2011 military action in Libya and arguing for a no-fly zone in Syria. She also supported Trump’s 2017 air strikes against the Syrian regime, but said Congress should be more closely consulted. 
  • As a senator, she supported intensified air strikes against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, as well as terrorist groups across Africa. 
  • She has opposed Trump’s 2018 announcement that he would draw down U.S. troops from Syria, calling it “precipitous.” 
  • She says encryption technologies on consumer devices, such as iPhones, unduly hinder counterterrorism investigations.
  • In 2013, she defended a controversial National Security Agency surveillance program that secretly collected bulk metadata from domestic telephone calls. “Dozens of potential terrorist attacks were averted” because of the program, she says.
  • In 2007 she was one of sixteen Democratic senators to vote for an update to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that allowed for easier warrantless surveillance of terrorism suspects. 
  •  She promises to “aggressively combat illegal Chinese steel dumping” by expanding existing trade enforcement efforts and has expressed support for President Donald J. Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum. As a senator, she pressed the Barack Obama administration to take action on Chinese steel. 
  • Klobuchar calls Nicolas Maduro a “dictator” and says that she approves of Washington seeking to push him out, and that a “military [response] should always be on the table.” 
  • She says human rights must play a larger role in the U.S. relationship with China, and argues that Washington must “stand up against” the mistreatment of Muslim Uighurs and protesters in Hong Kong.
  • She cosponsored the resolution on the Green New Deal framework put forward by congressional Democrats, though she calls it “aspirational” and in need of more specifics.
  • She proposes stricter oversight of large technology firms, including federal investigations into potentially anticompetitive practices at Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which she says “may well be broken up” under her administration.
  • She calls infrastructure her “top budget priority,” proposing a $1 trillion plan that would include $650 billion in direct federal funding and the rest in loans, loan guarantees, and other financial incentives. 
  • She proposes paying for the program through changes to the tax system, including raising the corporate rate to 25 percent, increasing taxes on corporate foreign earnings, and imposing a “financial risk fee” on big banks. 
In short, Klobuchar is a perfect puppet for the behind the scenes puppetmasters of the Empire.

As president, she would advance the goals of the elitists to the degree she could get away with it.


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