Friday, December 27, 2019

Buttigieg Proposes No Jail Time for Possession of a Any Drug Including Meth, Cocaine

Well, well, we have a libertarian like position out of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

"We have kids in South Bend who have grown up with the incarceration of a parent as one of their first experiences. That makes them dramatically more likely to wind up themselves having an encounter with the criminal legal system. So I’ve always been skeptical of mass incarceration, but now I believe more than ever we need to take really significant steps like ending incarceration as a response to simple possession," he told the Des Moines Register.

When a reporter followed up with  “On that is that across the board? So if its meth or coke or ecstasy, any drug if it’s possession incarceration isn’t—”

He replied, "That’s right.”

Of course, the libertarian position would be to set drug dealers free also and there wouldn't be any government interventions to help drug users. So there wouldn't be any cost to freeing drug users which is different from what Buttigieg states.

And don't miss my upcoming post in January, "The Libertarian Case for Freeing Violent Drug Dealers."

Here's the Buttigieg  clip:


  1. Decriminalize all recreational drug use and drug trade, but stigmatize the hell out of reckless use.

  2. The obligatory reference to the broken clock :)

  3. I prefer to call him Buttplug. I spit on his military service. He is a statist of the worst sort. He did a poor a job handling the duh-versities this past summer. I imagine he would be overwhelmed by Putin's masculinity and probably offer him a 'hummer' at first sight.