Monday, December 16, 2019

Bloomberg Appears to be in Destroy Trump Mode

Even if he does not get the Democratic Party nomination, Michael Bloomberg it seems will continue in destroy Trump mode.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, which has so far invested more than $100 million on TV ads, launched the ground-game portion of its operation Sunday, opening a field office in a state where most other Democrats have none.

The investment in North Carolina, one of the Super Tuesday states that will hold Democratic primaries on March 3, is part of Mr. Bloomberg’s overlapping primary and general-election strategy that his advisers believe keeps their sights on President Trump while putting resources into states that are more delegate-rich than the earlier nominating contests...

The new office, the first of 11 the campaign plans to open in the Tar Heel State alone, is less than a mile from the arena where Mr. Trump will once again accept his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention. It already has nearly two dozen staff members.

Even if he doesn’t become the Democratic nominee, Mr. Bloomberg plans to keep the offices in North Carolina open to help the party in the general election, he said Sunday. He previously announced a commitment of $15 million to $20 million to register 500,000 voters in five states, including North Carolina.

“We are here for the long haul,” Mr. Bloomberg said at the office opening Sunday afternoon, after attending a service at a local church with the city’s mayor.

“Other campaigns come in, and then they disappear after Super Tuesday. But we’re here, and we’re going to stay here not just through Super Tuesday but through the Republican Convention, when you-know-who comes to town. And we’ll be staying through Nov. 3, when we defeat you-know-who and turn North Carolina blue,” he said.
And get this. He is going to spend big bucks:
The campaign already has 200 staffers in its headquarters and 100 in the states. It is expected to hire hundreds of organizers in coming weeks and to announce more field offices, including in general election battleground states.

As the campaign looks to scale up quickly, top officials have been reaching out to Democratic operatives and activists with high-paying offers, according to people familiar with the activity.

Even field organizers are being offered salaries of $6,000 a month—much higher than what campaigns usually pay for that position. Some Democrats who have been approached for higher-level jobs said they were asked to suggest their desired salary to come onboard....
Regardless of whether he ends up as the nominee, Mr. Bloomberg is expected to stay heavily involved in backing whoever wins the nomination. He has already made multimillion-dollar commitments against Mr. Trump, including a $100 million anti-Trump digital ad campaign in swing states and a $10 million contribution to a group boosting vulnerable House Democrats.

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  1. Trump need not worry. Putin could just spend another $50K on Facebook ads and overwhelm all the other election spending, just as happened in 2016.